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Breast Enhancement Utilizing Fat Transfer Available in Denver

Breast Enhancement Utilizing Fat Transfer Available in DenverPark Meadows Cosmetic Surgery located in Denver is offering complimentary consultations for patients interested in fat grafting and transfer for cosmetic breast augmentation.

"We’ve been using the transfer of fat to improve breast contours for years in the realm of breast reconstruction,” says Denver board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher G. Williams. “In order to achieve excellence in fat grafting and fat transfer, we’re prepared to take the next step and offer fat transfer as a method of cosmetic breast augmentation to select patients.”

Dr. Jeremy Z. Williams says, “Through the transfer of fat for cosmetic breast augmentation, women can use their own fat to increase fullness, volume, and ultimately bust size in their breasts. In addition, we are using liposuction to improve their body contour or to remove those stubborn fat deposits—it’s certainly an added benefit to their overall aesthetic goals. We believe women are searching for this type of cosmetic option.”