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Utilizing Liposuction as a Weight Loss Operation

Utilizing Liposuction as a Weight Loss OperationA recent article written on Dr. Bryan McIntosh’s blog discussed the most common fat removing procedure, which is liposuction. It encourages consumers to have realistic expectations with all plastic surgery operations, especially ones that promise to reshape the body. Dr. Bryan McIntosh is a practicing plastic surgeon in Seattle.

He says liposuction has many benefits, but the main one is a renewed self image and boosted confidence through body contouring. Liposuction was not meant to cause a person to lose weight, though. The best way to lose weight is still healthy eating and good exercise habits, in other words, a lifestyle change. If a patient were to remove fat surgically yet fail to change an unhealthy lifestyle, the article argues they may not experience long term weight loss (although the fat removed from liposuction would not come back).

The article also mentions other benefits from liposuction, such as heart healthiness from reduced fats in the body, but it offers no conclusion on these matters. Also outlined is the ideal liposuction candidate, which an adult in good health, non-obese, and having elastic skin. Liposuction can be performed in many areas, which are also listed in detail in the post.