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Nipple Tattooing Offered at Denver Plastic Surgery Practice

Nipple Tattooing Offered at Denver Plastic Surgery PracticeThe final step in the breast reconstruction process is areola pigmentation and Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery is proud to offer this procedure to their patients in the Denver area.

The areola pigmentation procedure can be completed in less than an hour and is virtually painless, completed under a local anesthetic. The procedure rebuilds the color around the reconstructed nipple. Women can also customize the look by choosing a darker or lighter color than their original pigment. The actual pigmentation is just like any other tattoo—our nurses and physicians have special training in this procedure.

"At the end of the battle with cancer, we want to be able to provide every aspect of the breast reconstruction process,” said Denver breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Jeremy Williams. “We’re committed to specialized training for this tattoo process and want educate women about all their options as they finish the journey of reconstruction.”