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Increasing Patients Satisfaction for Chin Implants

Increasing Patients Satisfaction for Chin ImplantsThe craniofacial plastic surgeon at Toronto plastic surgery clinic Edelstein Cosmetic, Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov, has added a unique step in the surgical planning process for chin surgery and chin implant patients. Patients undergo special x-rays to show their chin position relative to the rest of their facial bones and soft tissues. These x-rays are then analyzed by an orthodontist to determine the ideal positioning of the chin for the achievement of optimum facial proportion.

"While the consultation process becomes a bit longer due to this additional step, it is certainly worth the effort because we have found that the satisfaction rate of our patients is extremely high, Dr. Jerome Edelstein, founder of Edelstein Cosmetic, states. X-rays are far more effective than photoimaging, because they measure your actual bone structure, which serves as the foundation of your facial contour. Photoimaging only gives you a superficial picture of overlying soft tissues, and they tend to deteriorate much more quickly with age.

Because results are measured in millimetres, this unique step ensures a level of accuracy and precision that is necessary for the genioplasty procedure.