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The Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Alternative to Traditional Nose Surgery

The Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Alternative to Traditional Nose SurgeryDr. Alexander Rivkin, a cosmetic surgeon based in West Los Angeles and the Beverly Hills area, has become the go-to alternative to conventional rhinoplasty. By making cosmetic enhancements less invasive and more accessible, he has provided advanced options to those who otherwise might eschew a surgical procedure.

Dr. Rivkin pioneered the technique in 2004 - and has been perfecting it ever since. He uses reliable facial fillers such as Radiesse, Artefill, and now Voluma which are injected under the skin to fill depressions, smooth irregularities, and shape the contours of the nose. No incisions are made and anesthesia is not needed, only a topical numbing cream (which is applied immediately prior to filler injection). Also known as the 15-Minute Nose Job, this fast, painless, no-downtime procedure is ideal for those who want the reshaping of rhinoplasty, but without the risks.

Since the patient receives such instant results, they do not have to wait for an unveiling of splints and bandages to see their new look. They leave their appointment relaxed and self-assured, with no bruising and no need to schedule postoperative follow-up visits. Best of all, it is more affordable than surgical rhinoplasties. For a fraction of the cost, patients can get amazing, lasting results with the non-surgical rhinoplasty.