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Breast Lift with Minimal Scarring

Breast Lift with Minimal ScarringMiami plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau believes that breast lift techniques that leave long scars across the chest should be rarely used. Dr. Krau uses a technique that leaves patients with less incisions and more durable results.

Using a technique called a vertical mammoplasty, he makes an incision around the areola and in some cases, a short, vertical incision just below the areola. A breast lift with only minor scarring should be the norm, not the exception, according to him.

Along with making an anchor incision across the chest, the traditional method uses the skin as the support structure. Skin is very elastic and over time it will stretch due to the weight of the breasts themselves and the impact of gravity. Putting tension on the skin by requiring it to support the breasts also increases the visibility of scars. For this reason, Dr. Krau does not use skin as the support system.