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Lessening Stretch Marks with a Laser for All Skin Types

Lessening Stretch Marks with a Laser for All Skin TypesRecently on Fox 26 News in Houston, Dr. Derek Lou, Medical Director of Renew Body Contouring, discussed how lasers can help all types of skin and reducing stretch marks.

Dr. Lou explains that he treats dark skin by starting with a lightening regimen with skin creams. "This helps lighten the complexion a bit before starting with radio frequency procedures. It does make a difference. We can test the response to the skin and it also reduces their pigmentation in terms of the energy absorbed during the procedure," explains Dr. Lou. Dr. Lou says this a temporary lightening of the skin! "It's just a prep for the procedure, the skin will revert to its regular pigmentation after several months."

Lasers can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. About 90 percent of women will get stretch marks during pregnancy. Sometimes they go away on their own, but often they stick around forever. "Our Fractora radio frequency resurfacing and Tite FX system helps by killing fat cells and also skin tightening as well," says Dr. Lou.