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Patients Travel from Numerous Countries for Miami Breast Lifts

Patients Travel from Numerous Countries for Miami Breast LiftsPatients from across the US and from some foreign countries make the trip to Miami for surgery with board certified surgeon, Dr. Ary Krau. Dr. Krau's breast lift technique and the location of his practice offer many benefits to out-of-town patients.

Out-of-town and out-of-the-country patients don't have to travel all the way to Miami for their initial consultation with Dr. Krau. Instead, he performs the consultation with them remotely. Patients send front and side view photos of themselves to the surgeon in Miami. He then evaluates the pictures and has a remote discussion with each patient about what procedure would best suit them.

After a period of recovery in Miami, patients are able to return home. Dr. Krau follows up with each out-of-town patient remotely by having patients send in photos, so that he can evaluate the results and make recommendations