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Abdominoplasty Surgery for Extremely Toned Abdominal Contour

Abdominoplasty Surgery for Extremely Toned Abdominal ContourDr. Jeremy White, a cosmetic surgeon in Miami at ARC Plastic Surgery, announces a new procedure: Abdominoplasty surgery for extremely toned and firm abdominal contour.

“Abdominoplasty is a tummy tuck procedure for those who wish to have toned and firmer abdominal contour. Usually men or women who have lost a significant amount of weight or women who have experienced pregnancy tend to develop ugly looking, the stubborn loose skin around the abdomen, which refuses to melt in spite of rigorous dieting and exercising. This body surgical process is ideal for people with loose, hanging and unwanted skin on the front of the abdomen,” says Dr. White.

This technology and increased medical advancement in plastic surgery, makes it possible for people to achieve their dream body shape, which at times diet and exercise fails to accomplish.