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Interest in Freezing Fat High as Holidays are Approach

Interest in Freezing Fat High as Holidays are ApproachPrecision Aesthetics' Skin Tightening Center in New York recently added Illumiwave Lipocontour 635 to its growing arsenal of non invasive solutions for body shaping, skin tightening and fat loss.

They say, unlike Thermage and Exilis, that are used for skin tightening and body shaping, cold lasers, like Illumiwave Lipocontour 635 and Zerona, are for targeted fat loss. We are seeing many signing up for treatment programs with Illumiwave Lipocontour 635 for extra fat loss.

Patients are signing up faster than we can put the new protocols on the website. "Its exciting to see the patient’s reaction to this new technology, especially in this economy," said John Aslanian, marketing director. “I guess when you are offering completely painless non invasive fat loss as well as a loss of inches, patients will beat a path to your door” remarked Aslanian.