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Patients Considering Breast Augmentation Surgery Given New Caution

Patients Considering Breast Augmentation Surgery Given New CautionMany breast augmentation patients are referred to Cruise Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach to correct poor results from other surgeons. In most cases, Dr. Joseph Cruise notes that a breast lift with augmentation should have been performed, which has prompted him to issue a caution and provide information to try and reduce the need for revision surgery.

"The sad part about breast augmentation and breast lift revision surgery is that patients have little choice but to undergo surgery again, and It can be emotionally and financially draining," mentioned Dr. Cruise.

Since breast lift with augmentation is one of the most difficult procedures in plastic surgery today, some surgeons choose the easy way out by only performing a breast augmentation. Dr. Joseph Cruise is advising prospective patients that it is critical to seek out a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.

Dr. Cruise says the main complication he is seeing is implant malposition. The breast implant is either bottoming out or travels into the armpit region or both. Either situation is uncomfortable for the patient and creates an unattractive result. The combination of a breast augmentation with a lift is considered to be one of the most difficult to perform, because there are two procedures going on simultaneously. One is the breast lift which reduces the breast, the other is breast augmentation which enlarges it. These conflicting procedures make it very difficult to predictably put everything into the proper position. This is where experience becomes critical.