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Benefits of New Labiaplasty Procedure

Benefits of New Labiaplasty ProcedureThe Maercks Institute located in Miami, announced a new procedure that has replaced conventional labiaplasty and development of a website dedicated to labiaplasty education. New website www.Miami-Labiaplasty.com educates women on risks of conventional procedures.

Dr. Rian A. Maercks developed the revolutionary MACIE labiaplasty after reconstructing patients that had been near irreversibly damaged by conventional techniques elsewhere. This not only offers patients an excellent safety profile, it also provides vastly superior aesthetic results and for the first time, a restoration of the light pink color of youth.

Women traditionally seek labiaplasty because of excess length or show of the labia minora. Unfortunately, the most commonly used techniques are an edge trim or amputation or a wedge excision. Both of these techniques remove the valuable deep tissues of the labia minora and may scarring and even dyspareunia, painful discomfort with sexual intercourse. Dr. Maercks has seen many patients with horrible complications from these techniques in outside practices and reconstructed them with innovative techniques including fat transfer and local tissue flaps. These experiences led him to develop a safe Histiocentric tissue conservative approach.