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What Patients are Saying About AquaLipo Liposuction

What Patients are Saying About AquaLipo LiposuctionThe AquaLipo Liposuction procedure uses the power of water to gently flush away unwanted fat. Patients experience less bruising, swelling and downtime than a traditional liposuction procedure. The power of the water jet gently detaches the fat cells from their surrounding tissues. This limits the possibility of trauma to the skin, nerves, muscles and blood vessels.

"Men and women in Nashville and Memphis are experiencing life changing results with our AquaLipo Liposuction procedure. Patients are saying they feel young again and feel fit. Some are saying their new body look has enhanced their relationship with their spouse. We find that patients who may have self esteem issues tend to improve when they have the AquaLipo Liposuction procedure," says Dr. Trey Emerson, cosmetic doctor at NuBody Concepts.