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Preceptor for Fraxel and Thermage Chosen in the Pacific Northwest

Preceptor for Fraxel and Thermage Chosen in the Pacific NorthwestSusan Cummins, the medical esthetician at Radiant Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery in the Seattle area, has been chosen by Solta Medical to be a preceptor for Fraxel and Thermage, attesting to her abilities as one of the top performing medical estheticians for Fraxel and Thermage.

Fraxel and Thermage are two of the most popular medical cosmetic devices produced by Solta Medical. Fraxel is a laser that uses “fractional resurfacing technology” to repair and rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the skin’s own natural wound-healing response. Fraxel is used to treat fine lines, pigmentation, acne and surgical scars, and deeper lines and wrinkles.

Thermage uses a different energy modality, radio frequency, to rejuvenate the skin. It renews the collagen below the skin’s surface to counteract loose, saggy skin and restore a more youthful look of smoother, sleeker skin. Fraxel and Thermage treatments can be combined to take advantage of their complementary effects.