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Transforming Post-Pregnancy Bodies With the Mommy Makeover

Transforming Post-Pregnancy Bodies With the Mommy MakeoverBoard-certified plastic surgeon in Vero Beach, Dr. John Sarbak, understands that many new moms can become frustrated with the physical changes resulting from pregnancy, especially those changes that cannot be reversed through diet and exercise.

The mommy makeover procedure is for women who would like to renew their appearance after having children. By combining a number of aesthetic enhancement options into a mommy makeover procedure, Dr. Sarbak says patients can address multiple concerns and feel confident about their bodies again.

He says the most common concern is the abdominal skin that expands but does not always go away with lost pregnancy weight. He says that many of his patients also wish to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Another abdominal change that Dr. Sarbak can help correct in a mommy makeover is the separation of underlying muscles, which can lead to a "bulge" in the lower abdomen. Dr. Sarbak says this particular problem can't be resolved by sit ups and may require a surgical procedure to improve it. Dr. Sarbak says the breasts are also a common area of concern. Sagging and deflation are both common with pregnancy especially with breast-feeding.