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Secondary Rhinoplasty Incision Placement

Secondary Rhinoplasty Incision PlacementDallas cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, and a team of medical students, performed an in-depth, retroactive review of 100 cases of revision rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Rohrich. The review was developed to review the quality and perceptibility of the resulting scars, and the surgeon's decision of incision placement based on the location of the previous rhinoplasty incision site.

In his paper, Dr. Rohrich challenges this assumption that the more traditional approach in secondary rhinoplasty would be for the surgeon to use the same incision that was used in the primary surgery. Between the primary and secondary surgery scores, the total difference in scar quality between their first and second surgeries was 0.07 points when the secondary incision site is chosen independently of the primary incision site.

"The primary rhinoplasty incision can sometimes be in a poor location or of poor design," explains Dr. Rohrich. "I believe this study has helped to show that rhinoplasty surgeons and their patients are likely better served by choosing secondary incision placement based on the best operative plan independently of the previous incision location."