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More Attractive Longer Lasting Breast Lift Technique Developed

More Attractive Longer Lasting Breast Lift Technique DevelopedDirector at Cruise Plastic Surgery, Joseph T. Cruise, in Newport Beach, was never completely satisfied with the results from traditional breast lift techniques. He set out to develop an improved way of performing his breast lifts, which would obtain better results with a longer lasting effect.

Many Orange County breast lift patients comment on how they wish their breasts were perkier after having breast lift surgery. The use of a breast implant with a breast lift has been successful in achieving a more youthful appearance, however the breasts still maintain some level of sag, which gets worse over time, and the breasts still don't have the ideal shape.

The best looking results come from women who have essentially very little breast tissue (small B size cup) and a tight skin envelop. Unfortunately, for most women this only occurs in their 20's with no children. Traditional breast lift techniques do not address this hanging or bulky tissue properly. Dr. Cruise has developed a new way to remove all the excess breast tissue and tighten the skin envelop to effectively create this Ideal Small B cup during the breast lift surgery. Then, when the implant is added it is much like putting it into a woman who is in her 20's, with a small B cup, and no children.