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Dermatologist Explains PicoSure Laser

Dermatologist Explains PicoSure LaserIn a response to Mark Wahlberg’s determination to remove his tattoos, Kimberly J. Butterwick, MD, from Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, describes the most effective laser tattoo removal available.

Mark Wahlberg is going through laser tattoo removal to set an example for his children, as well as to help his career in which he is often required to cover them up. His tattoo removal process has taken 4 1/2 years and is still not completed. Dr. Butterwick, says this is unusually long, as treatments are generally performed once every month or two until desired result is achieved within one to two years. New advancements in laser technology are making the process even quicker.

“We have seen major advancements being made in the field of laser tattoo removal in the past year. For instance, the PicoSure laser is the newest FDA-approved laser tattoo removal system that is proving to be quite effective and it requires fewer treatments than many other laser systems. Its picosecond technology is 10 times faster than other technologies, shattering the targeted tattoo ink, and is highly effective on even stubborn, colorful tattoos,” said Dr. Butterwick.