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The Best Time Of The Year For Laser Treatments?

The Best Time Of The Year For Laser Treatments?Board certified dermatologist, Brandith Irwin, MD located in Seattle, explains the best time of year to get a cosmetic laser treatment. She says, "Most laser treatments require you to be out of the sun or very careful about the sun for a month or two after treatment," explains Dr. Irwin. "If you live in a four season climate, the best times for treatments are fall, winter and early spring when the UVA is lowest. If you live in an always sunny climate, then pick the seasons when you will be outdoors the least."

It is very important that patients are very careful with sun or light exposure after laser treatments, as exposure can re-damage your skin and reverse the results of your treatment. This tip applies also to IPL, Fraxel, Fraxel Dual, Laser Hair Removal, or a CO2 laser.

"Remember, treatments like Thermage, Exilis, etc use sound waves, and skin is not light sensitive after them. So you can do these treatments any season," says Dr. Irwin.