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Surgeon Dr. Williams Publishes Definitive Guide on Nose Jobs

Surgeon Dr. Williams Publishes Definitive Guide on Nose JobsDr. Edwin Williams who practices in Albany and Manhattan, has published the definitive guide on nose-shaping surgery entitled, Rhinoplasty - Everything You Need to Know about Fixing and Reshaping Your Nose. Dr. Williams has mastered this complicated yet common procedure and helped thousands of patients decide whether or not this procedure is for them.

In the book, this internationally recognized and respected Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, answers the most frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty with the skill and intelligence of an accomplished surgeon and the compassion and understanding gained in his twenty-one years of successful practice.

“Nothing has a greater impact on how you look (and feel) than the size and shape of your nose,” says Williams. “My book explains everything you need to know about rhinoplasty surgery. I take the stress and anxiety out of Rhinoplasty so you can decide if a nose job is right for you.” The book features more than 50 before and after photos from patients.