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Common Tummy Tuck Misconceptions

Common Tummy Tuck MisconceptionsRoanoke Virginia plastic surgeon Enrique A. Silberblatt, MD detailed in a recent blog post the importance of having realistic expectation of tummy tuck results. Many of his patients hope to attain a figure that matches either magazine models or the way they looked when they were younger. "The majority [of patients] claim to have realistic expectations," says Dr. Silberblatt, "but in the back of their minds they really do want to look like that."

If a patient has a lot of extra fat beneath the muscle they will not be able to obtain a dramatic change in their overall shape. They will still need to change current eating and exercise habits in order to reduce this intra-abdominal fat.

Another common misconception patients seem to have about the tummy is post-operative downtime. Some patients believe they will be able to return to work after two to three days, but he stresses that while most patients can expect a downtime of approximately two weeks, some patients may need to wait longer.