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Hair Restoration Seminar held by Dr. Parsa Mohebi

Hair Restoration Seminar held by Dr. Parsa MohebiRecently a seminar was held by Dr. Parsa Mohebi, Medical Director of US Hair Restoration and the chairman of FUE Committee of the International Society of Hair Restoration. The seminar addressed the most advanced technology of hair restoration. US Hair Restoration has offices in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Orange County.

This educational seminar is part of a series started to informing the hair specialists, doctors and other professionals about the most advanced techniques of hair restoration and hair transplants.

Dr. Mohebi explained, “Hair restoration has been evolving in the last two decades with the advancements in the devices and procedures that can guarantee restoration of hair in the most natural way. Despite the great results that we can get from hair transplantation, many people or even the hair related professionals still don’t know what could be done with quality hair restoration today. We are trying to educate the public about the most advanced methods of hair restoration so everyone can become aware of the choices he or she has”.