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SlimLipo vs SmartLipo

SlimLipo vs SmartLipoLaser assisted liposuction can be instrumental for people who have tried and tried to slim down in trouble spots like stomachs, thighs, arms, and hips. The type of laser lipo procedure you choose can have a big impact on your results.

As explained on the website of Dr. Kimberly Finder of San Antonio Texas, both SlimLipo and SmartLipo use laser waves to treat trouble areas. However, the different strengths in these waves make a big difference. The bottom line is that SlimLipo is used to specifically treat fat and SmartLipo only treats water retention in fat cells.

Because SlimLipo uses a different wavelength than SmartLipo, fat is melted at a lower temperature. This means that there’s less risk for burning than with SmartLipo. Both laser assisted liposuction technologies work, but in Dr. Finder's opinion SlimLipo is more flexible, safer, and can produce superior body contouring results.