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Eyelid Surgery a Controversial Procedure

Eyelid Surgery a Controversial ProcedureCosmetic eyelid surgeries have long been popular in Asia, particularly in South Korea. Patients whose eyelids don't have a crease or whose crease is hard to see can get an incision along the eyelid to make a new crease, so the eye appears bigger.

In a recent article in the Houston Chronicle,it was written that the procedure also grew popular in the U.S. over the past several decades and remains a touchy, racially charged subject. But among Asian Americans who were born in the U.S. or who immigrated at a young age, opinions are split on the matter: Some say they should avoid the surgery and embrace their heritage, while others say it is less of a taboo because they know more people who've had it done.

The long-smoldering debate over the procedure flared up again last month when Julie Chen, the television host of "Big Brother," said she had the surgery 18 years ago at the encouragement of her agent after her boss in Ohio said her eyes looked too heavy for her to be a news anchor.

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