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Doctor says Ultrasound Safe for Dark Skin

Doctor says Ultrasound Safe for Dark SkinBecause Ulthera uses sound energy and not light, it is commonly used on dark skin. Laser resurfacing and deeper chemical peels are less suitable for darker skin tones due to the risk of hyper-pigmentation, keloid formation, hypertrophic scarring and other complications.

In a recent post on the Palm Beach Post, a local newspaper in West Palm Beach Florida, Dr. Anita Mandal of Palm Beach Garden stated "Having performed many Ultherapy treatments on patients of Asian, African-American and East Indian descent, I not yet found dark-skinned patients to be at greater risk than light-skinned patients."

Since laser skin resurfacing works by stripping the upper skin layers, it can cause problems in dark skin. On the other hand, Ulthera works deep under the skin surface by stimulating collagen regeneration, thus bypassing the risks seen with other lasers.