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Demonstration of Fat Reduction with Viora

Demonstration of Fat Reduction with VioraMen and women are taking advantage of this popular body contouring device, Reaction by Viora. In this video the provider with New Radiance in Palm Beach Gardens explains that male patients tend to be interested in treating the abdominal area since they don't typically have issues with hips and thighs like women experience. Women tend to have issues in multiple areas including arms, hips and even the face. Some patients have recently lost substantial weight or had liposuction but even fit individuals just want help in small problem areas.

There is some maintenance involved but once a package is completed you're pretty set as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the 1st treatment you may see a slight change but final results usually come in 4-6 weeks after a complete cycle is complete. With this procedure you will feel the heat but patients report that it's not uncomfortable.