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Arms & Thighs Added to Emsculpt -BTL Aesthetics Released 1 Year Data

12 top body contouring specialists presented their Emsculpt study data to a packed room of physicians last night at ASLMS.

Over 500 practices have an Emsculpt in North America and over 65,000 procedures have been performed in the past year without a single complication or adverse response!

Emsculpt is the most popular procedure on American Health and Beauty and we've received ZERO complaints from patients or the providers who purchased the device, which is very rare for this industry!  RealSelf patients have rated Emsculpt at over a 90% Worth It rating which is also rare for an aggressively marketed device one year after release.

Independent studies performed by Dr. Bruce Katz and Dr. Richard Goldfarb:

  • 27.4% decrease in subcutaneous fat at 6-month followup
  • 7.73mm reduction in the fat layer
  • 19% increase in muscle thickness
  • 10.46% reduction of diastasis recti 

BTL announced the release of their new applicators and protocols which are designed for treating smaller areas like arms, thighs, obliques and calves*.

The new protocols will produce the equivalent of 20,000 curls in just 20 minutes!

*there is currently not an FDA clearance for treating calves

Arms & Thighs Added to Emsculpt -BTL Aesthetics Released 1 Year Data
BTL Aesthetics presentation at ASLMS 2019