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Emsculpt Available in Vancouver

Emsculpt Available in Vancouver

Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre announced the addition of EMSCULPT to their practice. EMSCULPT offers patients the ability to reduce fat in highly targeted areas and to build and tone muscle at the same time.

This non-invasive treatment is designed specifically to target problem areas like the abdomen, buttocks and thighs by creating a more athletic contour.

EMSCULPT is approved by Health Canada and the FDA. It uses a high-intensity focused electromagnetic field (HIFEM) technology that triggers thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions to occur in the desired area. These contractions cause muscular hypertrophy, which builds and defines muscle producing remarkable results.

Clinical studies have shown that EMSCULPT delivers consistent results, including test participants seeing a 16% increase in muscle mass, and a 19% decrease of abdominal fat.

With abdominal treatments, EMSCULPT can increase the muscle tone and definition, helping to achieve a patient’s desired look. The ground-breaking HIFEM technology is powerful enough to create impressive aesthetic results on the abs and stomach area, and is even used to alleviate certain medical conditions like post-pregnancy diastasis recti and incontinence issues by strengthening the pelvic floor.

In the buttocks, EMSCULPT is able to lift and shape it creating a roundness without affecting the size of the butt. Recent patients have said that “The newest technology in Canada - EMSCULPT helps with muscle contractions to create an even sculpted look. No needles, since it’s all natural. It almost feels like a butt massage, and you can have it done with your pants on or off”.

This localized muscle workout is non-invasive and does not cause any lactic acid build-up, which usually occurs during heavy workouts. There is no pain or downtime.

According to Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre, patients will begin to see changes after 3 months and continue to see improvement over a 6-month period.

Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre is the second practice to offer Emsculpt in Vancouver, Project Skin MD has been offering Emsculpt since July, 2018.