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truSculpt ID Featured on ETonline

Tune in on December 21, 2018 to see Dr. Jason Emer discuss and demonstrate the truSculpt ID on Entertainment Tonight.

truSculpt ID is the breakout new device by Cutera, Inc. (NASDAQ: CUTR) released in 2018 that boasts an average 24% fat reduction in just one 15-minute treatment.

truSculpt uses RF (radiofrequency) technology to deliver heat that causes selective apoptosis of subcutaneous fat tissue, selectively killing fat cells.  The cells are permanently damaged and naturally excreted in as few as 6 weeks, although it takes upto a 12-week period to see the full results.

truSculpt ID Featured on ETonline
Photo courtesy Cutera, Inc. via LinkedIn.com

The treatment time for truSculpt iD is shorter than either SculpSure or CoolSculpting

Cutera's  truSculpt 3D, truSculpt ID and Secret RF have been hot sellers in 2018 as doctors have been incorporating these technologies into their practices.  AHB actively monitors both patient demand and device sales to physicians.