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Sciton Introduces ALLURA Neck for Treating Double Chin and Neck Laxity

Sciton announced today the ALLURA Neck add-on to it's Joule platform. 

ALLURA Neck is a single-session, micro-invasive laser module for rapid fat reduction and skin contraction in the submental, neck and chin area.  Unlike CoolSculpting  and SculpSure, the results from the ALLURA are noticeable within a week or two and only 1 treatment is required.

Sciton Introduces ALLURA Neck for Treating Double Chin and Neck Laxity
Photo courtesy Marie DiLauro, MD - *Individual results vary

The ALLURA Neck is an add-on to Sciton's popular Joule platform that can produce three distinct delivery modes: ARM, fiber, and (BBL) BroadBand Light.

"ALLURA Neck is all about rapid contour results with a single, office-based treatment," says Marc Salzman MD, a Plastic Surgeon in Louisville, KY. "It fits perfectly into my practice, next to non-invasive modalities like Coolsculpting Mini and Kybella. These procedures have the limitations of taking several months and sessions to attain modest results. With ALLURA Neck, the outcomes are profound within two weeks, 100% of the time. In addition, it is a high ROI procedure."

"We've found that ALLURA captures an attractive, distinct patient profile," remarks Aaron Burton, Chief Operating Officer of Sciton. "Many patients want fast visible results in a one-and-done treatment. To provide this option, our customers have urged us to revitalize a proven procedure with new simplified features, protocols and branding. We've done that with ALLURA and believe it's a great addition to our Joule platform."

"I leverage my patient base and they love that I have alternatives for them," states Jared Mallalieu DO, a Cosmetic Surgeon in Severna Park, MD. "In consultations, and also for new patients, they often have wrong assumptions and incomplete understanding. Many opt for ALLURA when they got the whole picture with all major Pros & Cons, including results vs. time and cost.