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Groundbreaking New Body Contouring Treatment Near Fort Lauderdale - EMSCULPT

Groundbreaking New Body Contouring Treatment Near Fort Lauderdale - EMSCULPT

First-of-its-kind treatment creates a new approach to body shaping that's ideal for fitness enthusiasts. Brian Sidella, President and founder of Forever Young MedSpa announced the addition of Emsculpt, the first and only non-invasive, painless, body shaping procedure. In just 30 minutes, Emsculpt increases muscle mass, core strength, muscle definition and decreases fat all at the same time.

According to Sidella, “Muscles represent about 35% of the human body, but existing aesthetic treatments only address the reduction of fat and fail to address muscle, for example, in a gym setting, performing a proper sit up or squat results in about a 20% muscle contraction. The Emsculpt Supramaximal contraction is 97% up to 100% muscle group contraction that cannot be achieved through a workout." An Emsculpt procedure is like doing 20,000 properly performed sit-ups or squats per 30-minute treatment. Sidella added, “If a person were to perform 200 proper sit-ups or squats every single day it would take you 400 straight days to equal the workout Emsculpt achieves in just four 30 minute treatments." The Emsculpt device is FDA-cleared for the strengthening, toning and firming of the abdomen and buttocks.

The staff at Forever Young Medspa in Cooper City, Florida is excited about what this technology will add to their already impressive menu of services, Sidella stated, “This is an absolute game changer! “We are excited to add Emsculpt to our suite of non-surgical body shaping systems. Very few centers nationwide can afford to bring in more than one of these very expensive systems and we now have five just for body shaping representing over a half million dollar investment for our patients."

The state of the art cutting edge technology provides enhanced abdominal contouring results and increases the strength of the gluteal region, providing a more and lifted backside. For patients in Cooper City FL needing additional fat reduction, Emsculpt can be combined with the following procedures available at Forever Young MedSpa; ScupSure, Venus Legacy, Vanquish ME,Exilis Ultra, or, any other body shaping technology. Emsculpt in Cooper City, FL can also improve results for patients, not happy post liposuction.

The secret to the amazing results of Emsculpt is the utilization of HIFEM ® technology. Emsculpt at Forever Young Medpa induces supramaximal muscle contractions which build, strengthen, and increase muscle definition while destroying figure robbing fat, all at the same time.

Emsculpt technology is nothing short of amazing and innovative with proven results, tested in seven unique clinical studies utilizing not one but four established methods of evaluation including; MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Histology, Emsculpt delivered consistent results in muscle gain as well as fat loss with the following results:

  • 23% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat
  • 18% increase in muscle mass
  • Average waist reduction of 4.4cm
  • 96% satisfaction with treatment results

Forever Young Medspa, established in 2005 in Cooper City FL - believes this new addition to their clinic will be a favorite among their patients. The Cooper City Medspa want to be clear to the folks of Florida looking for muscle gain and fat loss, that only four 30-minute treatment sessions over the course of a two-week period are required, and results will be seen after 1-3-months with continued improvement over a 6-month time period.

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