HALO Clinical Study - Better Results, Limited Downtime

Sciton has announced the publication of a new multi-center clinical study "Hybrid Fractional Laser: A Multi-Center Trial on the Safety and Efficacy for Photorejuvenation." The paper will be published in the November issue of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD) in a special issue for lasers, light sources, and devices. The study is authored by world-renowned physicians Jill Waibel, MD, Christopher W. Robb, MD, Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, and Jason Pozner, MD.

HALO Clinical Study - Better Results, Limited Downtime
Before and after photos courtesy of Jill Waibel, MD. *individual results vary

Sciton’s Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser combines non-ablative and ablative lasers to target and treat several different skin damage conditions. Sciton is proving their device is more effective than traditional non-ablative methods, which take typically require more treatments for noticeable results, yet less invasive with less downtime than ablative methods.

"This study further proves that the HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser offers a safe and effective treatment for a multitude of skin conditions on the face and neck while giving patients the results they desire with limited downtime." Jill Waibel, MD Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute

"We are proud to offer our customers, patients, and business partners substantial clinical evidence that the HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser delivers high patient satisfaction, results they demand, and with the minimal downtime they expect." Lacee J. Naik, Director of Global Marketing.