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Greenwich Connecticut has 5 Emsculpt Providers

Dr.  Kim Nichols MD of Nichols MD of Greenwich has added Emsculpt to her Connecticut practice bringing the total for the tri-state area to 38 on American Health & Beauty.

Greenwich Connecticut has 5 Emsculpt Providers
Dr. Kim Nichols MD of Nichols MD of Greenwich Connecticut now offers the Emsculpt. Photo courtesy linkedin.com *individual results vary

Kim Nichols, MD, FAAD is a Harvard-trained, board-certified, celebrity dermatologist that treats for both medical and cosmetic skincare concerns. She has been recognized worldwide for her artistic expertise in administering injectables that yield natural-looking results for clients to look and feel their best

In addition to being a Certified Coolsculpting practice, NicholsMD provides UltherapyFraxel, and CO2RE Fractional Laser procedures to help patients dramatically improve their skin’s appearance with minimal downtime.

Dr. Nichols has been featured on CBS 2 New York, Glamour Magazine, New Beauty, Women's Health Magazine, the Dr. Oz Show,  and Megyn Kelly TODAY.

The Emsculpt uses HIFEM energy to treat both women and men by increasing muscle mass and sculpting their body. In addition, the Emsculpt creates the world's first non-invasive butt-lift procedure.

American Health & Beauty now features over 200 Emsculpt providers nationwide.