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Brazilian Waxing vs. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian Waxing vs. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

In today’s world of super models and skimpy bathing suits it’s highly unlikely that you’ve never heard of a Brazilian wax. Sounds sexy already doesn’t it? Well, for some, okay, many women it IS sexy and it’s all the rage across the country. Men and women alike have asked for this exotic level of hair removal and for all kinds of reasons. Some say they feel cleaner, some enjoy intimate activities more, others just want to try something new and this is pretty new.

But why get a wax, which means the hair will eventually grow back, when you can get laser hair removal instead, which in most cases is permanent? What makes one method more popular than the other, more effective, comfortable, etc? Read on and you can decide for yourself which weapon you wish to unleash on what nature gave you.

A Brazilian Wax: What the heck is it?

A Brazilian Wax can be anything from a complete, 100 percent everything off my front kind of thing or a more moderate, almost everything except that little strip of hair right there kind of thing, depending on which salon you ask or which supermodel. Basically what sets a Brazilian apart from a bikini is the amount of hair is significantly removed in the former while the latter is more of upkeep so you don’t look trashy. Some people want to be smooth as a baby’s bum in the front while other people want to maintain at least some level of natural coverings. The choice is yours. Typically a Brazilian Wax takes off the back side hair as well, so you are clean all around.

What to Expect when you get a Brazilian Wax

If you’ve ever had a waxing experience, then you’ll be prepared for this procedure. If not, you might want to close your eyes. And that’s okay, because fortunately your eyes on your head, not, um, below your belt so you don’t really have to watch what is going on. First you want to make sure you arrive at the facility with enough hair for the wax to attach itself. If you have too little, you won’t get the hair out. Hot wax is then applied to the desired areas and a small cloth laid on top. Once the wax cools, the waxer will pull on the cloth very hard and literally pull your hair out by the roots.

Does it sound painful yet? Well, it’s not that bad once you get used to it, and luckily the results last a few weeks so you won’t have to subject yourself too often. A soothing lotion will help ease any pain you are feeling. Expect some soreness or redness for a few hours but soon you’ll be all healed and ready to show your stuff...or lack thereof!

But I Don’t Like Waxing, How About Laser Removal?

If the thought of waxing any part of your body makes you cringe, then have heart because another procedure is available. Although it costs more, your results are much more permanent. During laser hair removal, a small hand held laser is moved over your hair and at various moments the laser is activated. When this happens, the light hits the hair follicles below the skin’s surface and essentially kills the hair so that it cannot grow again. Zip, zap, gone.

However, since hair grows in cycles, you’ll have to have several months’ worth of treatments to ensure you’ve gotten all the hair out. But overall, depending on how many times you plan to get a wax, laser removal might make more sense financially. It might not. The choice is yours. Laser removal is probably less painful, as you don’t have to experience the ripping out of the hair, just the light warmth and minor skin irritation side effects.

What to Do?

If you are really undecided, then go for the wax. See how you like it, or don’t like it, and then reassess what you want to get out of your hair removal routine. If you are willing to cough up some bucks then try out the laser removal. Remember, this is more permanent so be careful with how much you take off at the beginning. You don’t want to start looking for any Rogaine for the bikini line do you?

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