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Bulbous or Drooping Nasal Tip Makes You Look Older | Fix Your Aging Nose

There is no denying that a human body ages, all of it, including the nose.  As you get older the skin thickens and starts it’s slow gravitational descent.    How your nose grows can give away your age, no matter the fillers or the face lifts, if you don’t stunt the aging, you will have an obviously old nose.

Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Behrooz Torkian has a steady stream of patients who never thought they would need rhinoplasty, but upon entering their “middle” years have noticed their noses were suddenly getting bigger and drooping thus making their whole visage look older.  It’s called nasal aging or the Pinocchio phenomenon. 

Bulbous or Drooping Nasal Tip Makes You Look Older | Fix Your Aging Nose
Actual Before and After Photo | Dr. Behrooz Torkian
Treatment Results May Vary

Dr. Torkian says, “Nasal aging is the process which people usually view as the continual "growth" of the nose. As the ligaments weaken, the tip of the nose generally loses support.  This causes a drooping of the tip, the appearance of a longer and more humped bridge, and the overall appearance of growth.”

"In my practice, I treat the aging nose as a separate entity.  The aging nose is handled in a way to reduce the signs of tip drooping and elongation, rather than the traditional reduction of the hump and tip narrowing required in other nose surgery.  Attention is focused and customized to the patients requests and goals, and the signs of nasal aging are reversed while maintaining the noses original character and appearance," explains Dr. Torkian.

The challanges of Tip Rhinoplasty surgery are often more intricate than normal Rhinoplasty and require a skilled artistic surgeon, with the ability to craft your nose to match the rest of your face.