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Non Surgical Nose Job

Are you considering a non-surgical Rhinoplasty, you can get the nose you've always wanted, without surgery.

Introducing, the non-surgical nose job that offers improved nasal appearance without invasive surgery, and no scars.

Who are the best candidates for this procedure?

Men and women who do not desire invasive surgery, may be poor surgical risks due to health issues, and those who lead busy lives and don’t have time for recovery from surgery are all potential candidates for the procedure.

Is the procedure permanent?

Although this is not a permanent procedure,, the results are often long lasting. Many last over 1 year. Treatment can be repeated as needed.

Can this procedure be reversed?

Yes, this procedure can be reversed if necessary. In actual practice it is very rare to reverse the effects. 

How do I know if this will work for me?

Dr. Robert Burke, a Cosmetic Surgeon in Ann Arbor Michigan,  uses predictive multidimensional digital imaging in preprocedure treatment planning to help you see your own possible results before any treatment. This review and discussion help define your personal treatment goals and possible realistic outcomes prior to treatment.  Can you show an example of a nonsurgical rhinoplasty?

Non Surgical Nose Job
Actual Patient of Dr. Robert Burke, MD, FACS

Here is a woman in her 20’s who presented for  correction of a nose lacking its normal size and contour (dorsum). She was aware that cartilage and/or bone grafting could be done, but did not want an invasive procedure. She was able to breath through her nose without difficulty and was concerned only with her nasal dorsal appearance. Due to a heavy work schedule, the desire for immediate correction, and a wish not to undergo invasive surgery, she chose a nonsurgical rhinoplasty. These are the before/after lateral photos showing the dorsal correction. She returned to work 2 days after the procedure.