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Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction Using Botox

According to Ann Arbor Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Burke, many patients complain of prominent, asymmetric, and wide jaws.
Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction Using Botox
Actual Jaw Reduction Using Botox by Dr. Robert H. Burke
This complaint is often accompanied by extra firmness in the jaw muscles, and sometimes headaches (due to muscle clenching). Invasive treatments have been used including surgery (osteotomy) to re contour the jaw and facial bones and reduce muscle bulk by removing sections of the jaw muscles. More recently, with more development and understanding of the mechanisms of action of neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport, attention has been directed to nonsurgical and minimally invasive options.

Dr. Burke has developed the jaw slimming procedure using carefully planned injections in selected cases. Although not permanent (injections need to be repeated periodically), results have been uniformly favorable. Although developed by Dr. Burke to correct widened and asymmetric jaws (slimming), many patients report a decrease in their headaches along with decreased clenching (bruxism) of their jaws.