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SculpSure Health Canada Approved

SculpSure Health Canada ApprovedYES Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery Centre claims to be the first practice in Western Canada to offer the SculpSure procedure.

"Our medical spa in Vancouver is known for being on the leading edge when it comes to providing advanced Technologies that benefit our patients," Dr. Mathew Mosher says. "SculpSure adds to our broad range of unique body contouring treatments, and patients will love how convenient and easy it is."

CoolSculpting vs. SculpSure

"CoolSculpting treatments suck the targeted area between 2 cooling plates of a very specific shape and size, tugging and pulling the tIssue," he says. "That's not the Case with SculpSure. The device lays flat on top of the tissue, offering more versatility of which fat contours can be treated. In the clinical trials, discomfort has been rated as very minimal and it's safe for patients of all skin types and colors."

Additionally, Dr. Mosher says, clinical tests show SculpSure treatments takes about half the time of a CoolSculpting procedure while getting similar results. The ideal length of time for each SculpSure treatment session is 25 minutes, while CoolSculpting lasts at least an hour and up to 3 hours for certain areas.

"SculpSure is versatile," Dr. Mosher says. "There are 4 separate applicators so the patient can have multiple areas treated at the same time."