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CoolAdvantage Now Available in Houston

CoolAdvantage Now Available in HoustonThe new CoolAdvantage applicator reduces the time to perform the CoolSculpting procedure from 60 minutes to just 35.

The Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique in Houston is unique in that it provides patients with DualSculpting capabilities, with two CoolSculpting machines available to treat multiple areas at once.

The CoolAdvantage applicator is contoured to increase contact with fatty tissue, providing smoother results for a larger area. The enhanced cup design, created specifically for the individual area to be treated, means a more comfortable procedure.

The CoolAdvantage comes with three interchangeable contours, creating three distinct applicators to address multiple treatment areas on the patient:
  • CoolFit Advantage is ideal for vertical areas of fat such as the inner thigh.
  • CoolCore Advantage best matches the contours of the abdomen.
  • CoolCurve+ Advantage is the applicator of choice for flanks.
More than 85% of the subjects in early CoolAdvantage trials preferred the ease of the new design. The close proximity of the CoolAdvantage applicator with the skin also means lower temperatures are possible.