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PRP & Neograft for Hair Loss

PRP & Neograft for Hair LossAlthough not as predictable a treatment as Neograft hair transplants, PRP for hair loss is considerable less expensive & many feel its worth trying like Rogaine or Propecia.

Instead of a stand-alone treatment, several doctors are combining PRP with other hair restoration treatments, stating that including PRP with hair transplant procedures like Neograft, ARTAS or traditional hair transplants speeds the healing process increasing the hair graft survivability.

In a recent release, Dr. J. David Holcomb, a plastic surgeon in Sarasota Florida, discusses Neograft stating, "Many potential patients shy away from traditional hair replacement approaches because of unsatisfactory results, slow recovery time, the loss of feeling at the incision site, the linear scar on the back of the head, or the amount of post-operative pain involved."

96% of reviewers on realself.com say PRP for Hair Loss is worth having done.

In this video, Dr. Ross Clevens discusses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with NeoGraft Hair Restoration: