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Plastic Surgeon Sees 24 Percent Reduction of Fat From SculpSure

Plastic Surgeon Sees 24 Percent Reduction of Fat From SculpSureLos Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr.Christine Petti, is one of the first in the South Bay area to offer SculpSure, a procedure designed to permanently eliminate unwanted fat cells in certain areas of the body using light-based thermal energy.

The procedure's use of thermal energy, Dr. Petti explains, allows SculpSure to permanently eliminate excess fat by destroying targeted fat cells. After the procedure is complete, the body's natural metabolic processes will gradually remove these damaged fat cells from the body. Dr. Petti notes that her patients typically begin to notice results within six weeks of the procedure; however, Dr. Petti says "it may take twelve weeks or more to see the final results as your body continues to metabolize and remove the targeted fat cells."

Dr. Petti reveals that many individuals have seen a 24 percent reduction in the areas SculpSure targets for fat removal.