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BellaFill for Acne Scars on WWL

BellaFill for Acne Scars on WWLDr. Kate Holcomb, a New Orleans dermatologist with the Lupo Center for Aesthetic Dermatology was recently featured on WWL Channel 4 News for a long term treatment for acne scars.

Using BellaFill, Dr. Holcomb uses the injections to immediately lift the scar and then to continue building collagen for up to five years.

Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Farris, who practices at Old Metairie Dermatology uses a combination of Bellafill, lasers & light sources to treat acne scars.

"So using our lasers and light sources to boost collagen production and then adding something like Bellafill that again turns on that collagen production and increases the ability for those scars to heal themselves," said Dr. Farris on the segment.