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MI-Skin Dermatology in Washington DC Offering the CoolMini

MI-Skin Dermatology in Washington DC Offering the CoolMiniDr. Isaac has announced she will be offering the new FDA approved CoolSculpting CoolMini in Washington, DC at her practice, MI-Skin Dermatology.

The CoolMini is the first device of its kind to offer submental chin fat reduction without the use of surgery or needles, and it requires no downtime following a procedure, making it ideal for patients who don't have time to spare for lengthy recovery times or who are hesitant to undergo more invasive procedures to reduce the appearance of their double chins.

"I am excited to finally be able to offer my patients a completely non-invasive means to contour their chins through submental fat reduction," said Dr. Isaac. "Previously, liposuction and the recently FDA approved Kybella, which requires needle injections, were the only ways to reduce chin fat for patients."

"The chin, armpit, and knees are all areas that traditionally do not respond well to diet or exercise alone," explained Dr. Isaac. "CoolMini provides an opportunity to reduce these fat pockets in a safe, effective, and non-surgical manner."