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Austin Cosmetic Surgeon Trained by Renowned Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Stockholm

Austin Cosmetic Surgeon Trained by Renowned Breast Augmentation Surgeon in StockholmRecently, Dr. Rocco C. Piazza, an Austin, Texas cosmetic surgeon returned from Stockholm, where he trained with renowned breast augmentation specialist, Dr. Charles Randquist.

"Collaboration is such a wonderful way to learn and broaden your horizons," Dr. Piazza says. "That's what this trip was all about. I got to see firsthand some of the most innovative and interesting techniques with Dr. Randquist, and I'm excited that my own patients will benefit."

Dr. Randquist is known worldwide for his breast augmentation expertise, emphasizing the proper use and placement of anatomically shaped silicone implants. These implants differ from more common round implants because they are shaped like a teardrop, with more fullness at the bottom, to mimic the shape of a natural breast. This makes them a popular choice for women in search of a more discreet result, Dr. Piazza says.

"When most people think of breast implants, the image of a round implant comes to mind," he says. "That option is great for some of my breast augmentation patients in Austin. It offers a cleavage-forward look with more volume at the top. Then there are a lot of other patients who are looking for a boost in size without dramatically altering the shape of the breast. That's where the anatomically shaped implants come in."

Round implants don't have a discernible top or bottom but anatomically shaped implants need to be placed so they don't rotate after surgery, Dr. Piazza says.