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Non-surgical Option for Eliminating Underarm Perspiration in Baton Rouge

Non-surgical Option for Eliminating Underarm Perspiration in Baton RougeThe Dermatology Clinic of Baton Rouge is pleased to announce the addition of a new cosmetic dermatology treatment for underarm perspiration. miraDry is a sweat-free treatment that targets and destroys sweat glands in 12 painless treatments to completely eliminate underarm perspiration in most patients.

The treatment was originally intended for a condition characterized by abnormally elevated levels of perspiration. However, people without the condition but who regularly use chemical antiperspirants are encouraged to consider miraDry to permanently reduce underarm sweat, an embarrassing bodily response most people have to endure daily.

"The miraWave microwave heat energy targets sweat and odor glands," said Dr. Mary Dodson, one of 10 dermatologists at The Dermatology Clinic. "The heat only penetrates a few millimeters below the skin's surface, and so the sweat glands are the only cells destroyed. It is a safe, effective and immediate dermatological treatment that I now recommend over every other sweat gland reduction procedure."

miraDry is a safe and non-surgical option to permanently and markedly reduce embarrassing underarm sweat and odor. The treatment utilizes heat energy to destroy sweat glands while cooling the skin to avoid pain. miraDry is easy and results are seen immediately.