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Neograft Transplant now Available in Philadelphia and New Jersey

Neograft Transplant now Available in Philadelphia and New JerseyDr. Gregory Pistone is excited to now offer cutting-edge hair restoration solutions in the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. At Pistone Hair Restoration, located in Marlton, their team has a reputation as the best hair transplant facility in NJ for their innovative new technologies, such as the NeoGraft system of follicular unit extraction.

Follicular unit extraction is an innovative form of hair transplant technology. It improves upon the follicular unit transplant method, which up until recently was considered the best hair transplant method available. While still effective for some patients, follicular unit transplant still leaves a prominent "donor scar" at the back of the scalp. Follicular unit extraction leaves no visible scars and has a few other advantages over follicular unit transplant.

Dr. Pistone first consults with his patients in order to answer any questions and determine if NeoGraft is right for them. With Neograft he is able to precisely extract individual follicular units, which are the bundles of hair and tissue in which hair naturally grows. The extracted units are grafted to the portion of the scalp that has suffered hair loss. Dr. Pistone takes particular care to craft a soft, natural-looking hairline from the grafted units. A NeoGraft procedure takes three to eight hours, after which the patient can go home and begin the healing process. About a year after the procedure, the patient will have fully regained a youthful, natural-looking hairline.