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A One Hour Eyelift is now Available in the San Diego Area

A One Hour Eyelift is now Available in the San Diego AreaFacial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Roy David is excited to now offer the one-hour eyelift (blepharoplasty) at his plastic surgery center located in La Jolla-UTC area of San Diego.

This one hour eyelift is only offered by a few facial doctors in this area. Dr. David says, "Your eyes are the first thing people notice when they meet you, and for many it's a source of insecurity because the eyes can make an individual look tired or older than they really are." According to Dr. David the eyelift is a procedure that has a very high level of satisfaction. For many people an eyelift can make them look ten years younger.

Dr. David says, "Many of my patients call me after surgery to say their friends comment on how much younger they look and have no idea they had their eyes done, my goal is to always create a natural look."

If you are considering facial surgery, Dr. David stresses the importance reviewing the surgeons' before and after galleries. Dr. David has extensive eyelift before and after photos to view online and at his office. Dr. David always tailors each surgery specifically to what the individual is in need of by combining a variety of techniques that he has perfected after a decade of facial surgery experience.