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Special Training is Needed for the Ultimate Smartlipo Results

Special Training is Needed for the Ultimate Smartlipo ResultsThe liposuction technique, Smartlipo Triplex utilizes advanced laser technology to reduce excess fat in a targeted area. Board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Christine Petti of Los Angeles, believes that Smartlipo Triplex can achieve more refined results than traditional tumescent liposuction for patients seeking an improved body contour. She says that to optimize the outcome and maintain the highest levels of efficacy and safety possible, a plastic surgeon should be extensively skilled in this approach.

Dr. Petti explains that Smartlipo Triplex can also help to tighten the skin. While traditional liposuction has the potential to create skin laxity in the treated area, Smartlipo Triplex uses thermal energy to melt fat and cause moderate collagen retraction. Dr. Petti said this can ultimately provide a firmer, more aesthetically appealing result. To achieve that goal, she says the right plastic surgeon to perform Smartlipo Triplex will have considerable skill using this technique. She cautions individuals considering this cosmetic treatment that not everyone will be a candidate. "That is why a potential patient seeking advice and consultation should see a board certified plastic surgeon who is trained in all of these body and facial/neck contouring techniques."

The cost of Smartlipo Triplex may vary from traditional liposuction, depending on a number of factors. She says the plastic surgeon should detail the fees associated with the treatment plan during the initial consultation, which should be customized to suit the anatomic indicators and desired outcome of the patient.

Ultimately, Dr. Petti believes that Smartlipo Triplex™ can be an excellent method of reducing excess fat and enhancing body and face/neck contours when performed by a qualified physician. She encourages patients considering this treatment to speak with a board certified plastic surgeon who embodies the skills and training she outlined to help ensure the best possible outcome.