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Noninvasive FDA approved treatment for fat under the chin now available in Virginia

Noninvasive FDA approved treatment for fat under the chin now available in VirginiaDr. Jessica Kulak will excited to now be offering Kybella, a cutting-edge, noninvasive procedure to improve submental fat. The first and only FDA approved treatment for the double chin, Kybella provides permanent results without surgery. Dr. Kulak, who practices at The Naderi Center, is the only Board Certified surgeon in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area to offer this innovative, new treatment.

Kybella was approved by the FDA in April, for the treatment of excess fatty tissue below the jawline. The injectable contains Deoxycholic Acid, a naturally occurring molecule used by the body to rid unwanted fat. Deoxycholic Acid dissolves the outer membrane of fat cells, allowing the body to safely absorb and metabolize the targeted tissue. The final Kybella results include a smooth, sculpted chin.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Depending on the severity of submental fat, each session will consist of up to 50 small injections. Between two and six Kybella sessions, spaced four weeks apart, are required for the best results.

The benefits seen with Kybella are significant and can be seen after one to two treatments. Once the series of injections is complete, patients will see a youthful contour restored to the chin. Since the deceased fat cells do not reform, the results from Kybella are permanent. There is no need for any maintenance treatments.