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Cutting Edge Vaginal Tightening Technique now Offered in Napa Valley

Cutting Edge Vaginal Tightening Technique now Offered in Napa ValleyDr. Heath Furnas and Dr. Francisco Canales in Napa Valley are one of the first cosmetic practices to offer patients the noninvasive, vaginal rejuvenation procedure, ThermiVa. The innovative treatment has dramatic results for lax vaginal muscles, improving tone and tightness without surgery. This procedure provides a never before seen option in vaginal rejuvenation.

ThermiVa is the first and only temperature regulated, radiofrequency system used to tighten the vaginal muscles without an invasive surgery. By applying gentle heat, pulsating deep into the vaginal tissues, ThermiVa kick-starts the process of collagen remodeling. These new stores of collagen help to strengthen the structural support of the vaginal walls, thus improving the overall elasticity of the tissues.

Vaginal childbirth and the normal aging process eventually cause the vaginal muscles to relax and loose elasticity. This change can result in a loss of sexual sensation during intercourse, impacting the satisfaction for both partners. ThermiVa restores the vaginal muscle tone to its �pre-baby� condition, meaning it significantly raises sensation during sexual activity and enhances orgasmic quality. The procedure can also improve the common problem of post-menopausal dryness.

A ThermiVa treatment takes less than 20 minutes and benefits can be seen after one treatment, but to reach optimal results, three sessions may be necessary. The ThermiVa treatment is noninvasive, meaning no incisions or sutures; patients are back to normal activities immediately. There are also few risks or complications.

In conclusion, Dr. Furnas stated that bringing ThermiVa to Plastic Surgery Associates is part of the practice�s mission for outstanding patient care. �We strive to add joy to our patients� lives through genuine caring, generosity of spirit, and the quality of our work, Dr. Furnas shares the group�s mantra. ThermiVa can bring patients the happiness and self-confidence Plastic Surgery Associates works hard to impart.